Let’s talk school attire


Sammy is only in Pre K but I’m already dreading school dress codes and closed toe shoes!! I firmly believe that being dressed nice or let me rephrase that – when one feels good about themselves, they are going to have the best opportunity of having a successful day. Obviously this is with in reason and I’m not poo pooing on those in athletic wear. Trust me . . . I get it!! But what if at least a few days a week out little girls get to be little girls and wear the ruffles and frills and big bows!!

Ok Ok you get the point. . . So where do we find these cute outfits that are functional, comfy and school approved. Let’s start with a favorite of mine!!! How precious is this Preppy Plaid Skirt set from Makena Lane Boutique. It checks all the marks: cute ✅, comfy ✅, long enough ✅, and affordable ✅!!

What if I told you that all of Sammy’s followers got a special discount 😱🙌🏼!! Use code SAMMY15 to save 15% off the already low price of $43.99.


Order Preppy Plaid here: https://makenalane.com/collections/makena-originals/products/preppy-plaid-set

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression — there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” — Marc Jacobs


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